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Porch Flooring

MATERIAL CUTTING POLICY: Ironstone does NOT provide any material cutting services.  Due to insurance regulations, Ironstone is prohibited from providing electric saw use to customers.  We may provide a handsaw or customers may bring their own saw to cut down material.  Ironstone is not responsible for any injury which may occur while customer is cutting material.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Discontinued Tuff PVC Porch Flooring 

 Grey Available in 12′ Lengths – $2.00LF

Acorn Available in 12′ & 16′ Lengths – $1.80LF

Discontinued Wolf PVC Porch Flooring 

 Cheyenne Available in 10’&12′ Lengths – $1.80LF

wolf porch flooring pvc cheyenne tongue and groove brand new discount sale Lancaster Elizabethtown PA


Quarrystone Available in 12′ Lengths – $2.00LF



aeratis pvc porch flooring


1×4 Tongue & Groove Porch Planks – $1.39LF
In-Stock: Weathered Wood & Battleship Grey – While Supplies Last!


The TOP 10 reasons to choose Aeratis.
Please call for the most current overstock availability.
real wood and aeratis pvc porch flooring


In-Stock: 1″x4″x8′ PAINTED GREY Meranti Blue Star T&G Porch Flooring – $1.25LF
Finger Jointed, Painted on 6 sides, Gray Only
meranti painted tongue and groove porch flooring instock 

In-Stock: 1″x4″x8′ Meranti Blue Star T&G Porch Flooring – $1.40LF
blue star meranti tongue and groove porch flooring 1x4x8

In-Stock: 1″x4″ Regular Grain Douglas Fir Porch Flooring – $0.95LF

Available In 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, & 16′ Lengths

Image result for doug fir porch flooring image


wolf pvc porch flooring tongue & groove in-stock sale discount brand new Lancaster PA

Now Stocking: Wolf Cellular PVC Porch Flooring – $2.89LF

1″x4″ Tongue & Groove; Cellular PVC core with PVC capstock

Available in Amberwood and Weathered IPE

 wolf pvc porch flooring tongue & groove in-stock sale discount brand new Lancaster PA

Special Order: Wolf Cellular PVC Porch Flooring – $2.00LF

1″ x 4″ Tongue & Groove; Pewter w/ woodgrain
Available in 10′, 12′ and 16′ lengths only


 azek pvc porch flooring tongue and groove instock
Now Stocking! Azek PVC Porch Flooring – $3.09LF
In-Stock Colors: Slate Gray in 10′, 12′ and 16′ lengths

Azek pvc Porch_SlateGray tongue and groove porch flooring